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Hair Salon

At my myChrysalis Hair Salon our goal is to enhance our clients’ sense of happiness and well-being using one of the oldest tried and true methods: We’ll make you look your very best which will help you feel your very best. Far from being some superficial activity, proper hair care can often be the single biggest boost to confidence and self-esteem. But all hair care professional are not created equal, and if you’ll excuse the cheap pun, at my Chrysalis Salon we are a cut above the rest.

Our designer stylists never rest. They are constantly attending trade shows to keep up on the latest styles and products, never resting on their laurels and trotting out the same look over and over again. Years of experience and a passion for their craft means that they can work with you, analysing your face shape, existing hair colour, type and structure, lifestyle and personality to create an outer image that is a reflection of your inner self. No two people are the same, and nor should be their hair.

Your mood is not a static thing. Spring might bring excitement and a carefree feeling, winter a cocooning, cozy mood. Some people’s hair goes limp in the heat, other peoples’ goes frizzy. Some people need to be out of bed and through the door in 15 minutes, others like to take their time. We take all of this into consideration when working with you to design your hairstyle. And if you are one of the few fortunate who know exactly what you want, rest assured that no one has better technique and execution than the staff at my Chrysalis Salon.

We are excited to offer a range of products and services for the perennial fence-sitter. In our experience people often want to try something different for fun, but don’t necessarily want to stick with it for the long haul. We can, of course, permanently straighten curls or curl straight hair, but we can also do it temporarily. And the use of hair extensions gives even more options.

Without proper care, heavily treated hair can become brittle, frizzy and lack lustre. But it doesn’t need to be that way. We use the gentlest methods and the very best products to ensure that your hair and scalp feel every bit as fabulous as they look. We can even send you home with the same products we use to ensure that you keep that great new feel and look.

Other salon services offered include manicure, pedicure and make-up.

Hair extensions are clusters of 100% natural human hair that are bonded to your hair near the scalp using a special heat tool. The potential uses for hair extensions are endless. We love them. They can, as the name implies, be used instantly lengthen hair. They can also be used to make it thicker and fuller. But when you see the range of colours and types available, you’ll understand what we mean by endless possibilities. If you have ever wanted to try subtle highlights or Day-Glo streaks, we can let you do that without colouring your natural hair. When you’ve decided that you’ve had enough, we can simply remove the extensions without you having to wait for your hair to grow out.

We use the highest quality perming chemicals to give you a beautiful soft perm without compromising the strength and texture of you hair. In fact, we use such advanced deep conditioners that your hair could be softer than it was before!

We offer traditional hot iron straightening and permanent Chi straightening.

Hair colour, whether for streaks, highlights or full-head colouring, is custom mixed to suit your complexion and needs. Deep conditioning leaves hair soft, manageable and strong.

Deep conditioning treatments:
Available for hair and scalp, whether the hair is coloured, treated or kept natural. Scalp treatments are soothing and relaxing, and can combat conditions such as dandruff, seborrhoea and itchiness. Hair treatments enhance the look and feel of the hair, and protect it for the elements and blow-drying.